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Ordinarily, you may pay your regular monthly bills without a problem, but when something unexpected comes up it could be a hassle. Home repairs, increased property bills and high electric bills can become a problem when the checking account is almost empty. Luckily, you can turn to Ken Mar Financing for a quick, hassle free loan when you need a bit of extra cash this month. We’re experts who lend quick cash when you need help today for the unexpected. Our title loans Miami have helped thousands of folks, and we can help you too. You may already have what you need for loan approval. If you own an automobile with a clear title, you could get fast cash if you have income for making payments. Each borrower decides how to spend their funds. We always make sure you’ll get paid in just a day after we get your application.

How the Loan Process Works at Ken Mar Financing


Applying for a loan should be easy and hassle free. If you're comfortable working on a computer, you shouldn't have any problems applying with our online application. However, some folks would prefer meeting with a loan representative in person, so they have an opportunity to learn more about the loan process. You are welcome to stop by anyone of our stores, or you can talk to a real person to apply over the phone.

Loan Quotes

Ken Mar Financing makes a point of providing instant loan quotes to all new applicants. This gives you a chance to study your finances to determine whether you wish to proceed with the loan process.

Working With a Loan Representative

Our hassle free loan approach includes a call from a representative to discuss your financial needs. He or she will explain the loan options and help you to choose a good repayment package for your budget concerns.



Just as soon as you have been approved, you can make arrangements to close your loan at a Miami loan center store near you. You'll need to bring the copy of your car title, so Ken Mar Financing can place a lien against the vehicle. Liens stay in place until we finish processing the final payment on your account.

Essentially, contracts recap the verbal agreements that were made during the loan consultation. Stating the terms of the loan in a written contract helps to protect borrowers and lenders. Contracts in Florida must be written to adhere to auto title loan regulations. Florida title loans allow borrowers to pay off the loan in 30 days or less. If extra time is needed and the borrower and the lender both agree, you can extend the loan for another period of 30 days. Loan amounts of $2,000 or less carry an interest rate of 30 percent.

Contracts will include:

• Applicable loan fees.

• The total amount of money financed.

• Interest charges.

• The interest rate charge.

• A repayment schedule indicating when payments are due and for what amount of money.

• Legal information about what could happen if a borrower should fail to live up to their financial agreements.

Loan Funds

Just as soon as you review and sign your loan contract, you'll receive your loan funds.

If you are looking for great customer service, professional services, good interest rates and fast pay outs, consider title loans Miami today.

Applying for Title Loans Miami

Our short online application form is simple to use whenever you have a few spare minutes. You won’t have to take time off from work, drive somewhere or supply a bunch of financial documentation just to get a loan. Applying is free of charge, and we’re ready to process your loan today.

Completing an Application

To apply for title loans Miami, we’ll need information about your vehicle for collateral purposes and your contact information to set up the loan. You’ll need to supply the information listed below:

• The make, model, style and year of your vehicle. In addition, we require a mileage estimate.

• Your name, number and zip code.

Our Requirements for Car Title Loans

Applying for auto title loans is easy because they only have four requirements. You’ll need a vehicle, the car title, a source of income and identification to prove your age.


We accept a number of vehicles for collateral such as cars, SUVs, trucks and motorcycles. However, they have to be in working order to satisfy the loan requirements.

Car Titles

It is a smart idea to take a minute to find your car title. You’ll want to make sure it actually lists you as the owner of the vehicle. To approve a title loan, car titles must be free of any liens. You should check to see if there is a name listed in the lien area on the document to verify it doesn’t list the auto lender’s name when you purchased the vehicle or another creditor.

Source of Income

You’ll need to provide proof that you have income to make payments.


You’ll be asked to provide your driver’s license to confirm you are 18.


Helpful Information for Borrowers About Title Loans

• There is no need to pass a credit check. Because loans are secured, we don’t have to rely on credit checks for loan approval.

• You’ll have continued use of your vehicle during the loan term to get to work, drive to school, buy groceries or go anywhere you desire.

• Borrowers can decide when and how they will spend their loan funds without disclosing the purpose for the loan.

• Hassle free applications make it easy to begin the loan process.

• Borrowers enjoy freebies like free applications, loan consultations, loan quotes and no fees for paying off title loans Miami early.

• Convenient loan store locations make it easy to do business with Ken Mar Financing.

• Secured loans provide borrowers with generous loan amounts and lower interest rates.